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Earlier this year my wife ( Liz) and I searched antique shops of a small table, we finally have one that suited our needs in a small shop in Chichester. There were a few areas of damage to himself, said the grocer, which would solve the problems. A few weeks later we received a call from him saying he is ready for collection. was early June, and I had a couple of weeks of work so we can get organized during the week. It was a hot sunny day as we prepare for the trip to Chichester. Shortly before our departure, Sally was Liz 's best friend fell as did one often. We opted for a cup of coffee before you leave. Liz asked Sally if she wanted to come along for the trip, said he would probably take a break at a country pub for lunch on the way back home. Sally seemed pleased with the invitation and agreed. sunporno Sally, I have to explain, it's the same age as Liz (38), but taller and thinner and very pretty one, with long blond hair and a great figure. that ofree years ago, she divorced her husband, was beaten a motherfucker, and often insulted sunporno when he was drunk, which was quite often. Everyone agreed that was released by him. the same way we wanted to go, the phone rang, said Liz, she said it was his barber, who was an appointment with him for the day, but have as one of its employees was sick, he asked if they could take on. Liz did not want to miss the deadline to ensure that those left sunporno behind and that Sally and I should go, said Chichester. I was always good with Sally, so I had no objections Sally. This was a two hour drive to the store where you can quickly reach my farm table laden Mercedes. on the way home we noticed a nice bar just outside Petworth shot as well as lunch. When I was helping Sally 's car wearing the long skirt of her thighs open presentation to her white panties. Sally laughed at the expression on my face and told me that my eyes in my head again. We sat at a corner table in the bar, I asked Sally what you drink, as I sat and passed the bar with a white wine turned sour for her and a beer for me then with her as studied the menu. A waitress took our order. Within minutes, Sally had her glass of wine ready for me to have one for them. Sally was very talkative and relaxed than in fact it was so cute asked me if I enjoyed the view of the car. I said of course I did. Sally, the right hand of the table is dropped and landed on my left thigh. I was not sure if this was accidental, but when she squeezed my thighs began to sunporno realize sunporno that it does not. I wore a pair of half-length shorts, and started to have an erection. The waitress brought our food and Sally asked for a glass of wine. We finished the meal and I paid the bill, while Sally went to the sunporno bathroom. I waited for arriving by car, walked toward me with a grin, openedthe car door and held it open to get to her, she walked up the slope sunporno on one side, this time not only shows the legs, but I had a full view of shaved pussy. There has to be removed panties when I was in the bathroom. She made ​​no attempt to cover, so the legs opened, revealing swollen lips, pink and a prominent clitoris. closed the door and returned to the driver's seat. Sally stood still, with his coat wide open, he went to live with me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and ran his hand at the bottom of the pants until my cock, which had raised now almost completely and reach inside of my thighs. Hand by the circles sunporno around the end of the bell ran along the length. She seemed very happy to be impressed with my size. He pushed my shorts until the head of my cock came into view. Sally has a quick look and then lowered his head and licked her head uncovered. She said we should leave quickly and fiª fuck anywhere we could. I shot from the parking lot right hand squeezed my cock, while stroking her pussy left. After a few kilometers left the main road a side road leading to a wooded area. I saw a small path leading into the forest and enter it. I stopped at the edge of a small clearing. by Sally pulled the zipper of my pants, reached in and pulled around my penis. Then he unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing and opened it, I had not realized without a bra, grabbed my bare tits, and she realized that her nipples were rock hard. She grabbed my hand and pulled her to her pussy, she was wet and I put two fingers on it. She said she wanted my cock inside her, I bow to his seat, but she suggested we go out and in the forest. went to the rear of the car and took the blanket used to cover the table and had to prevent scratching. w outlike running in the woods with her breasts swing drives me to hurry. I met her, she laughed and pointed to my cock that was hitting the front of my pants. He fell to his knees and sucked it into her mouth. He pointed to a clump of trees a few meters from where I thought we would know more. He stood up and took off his shirt and threw it to me then held her breasts in her hands, she points at me. We went behind the small trees, and I pulled the blanket on the ground in a sunny spot. sat with the blanket then opened and relaxed skirt, spread her legs and lets his fingers on her clitoris. She looked fantastic ! sunporno I was lying face down between her legs and pushed my tongue deep into her while she replaced the finger on her clit. his head in his hands as I turn my tongue into her sunporno vagina and tossed it onto her clit hard until she screamed that was to come. I opened his pants and pulled together with my underwear. I knelt beside Sally and fed my cock into her mouth. Her fingers scratched his balls, and then ran her tongue around my cock head before I caught deep in his throat. I had to stop, I asked him to turn around and focus on hands and knees and sunporno positioned myself behind her and pushed her inside the tight pussy, I was on the hips as I pumped deep inside her pussy. He rested his head on the ceiling, which allowed me to go beyond it. I knew I was not able to contain my orgasm by a fucking long time in this position, my surprise was faster on it, then sunporno I fell forward on his back as my semen is pumped into your body. After that is done, I walked away from her and turned on my back beside her. She leaned on my cock still hard and cupping my balls in her hand, she leaned over and licked me clean with her tongue before she moves, I kissed her lips and pushed his tongue in my mouth. I could sunporno tasteMixture of both me and her pussy. We need to attract nude on the cover for some time, and before returning to my car. I chose the car and understandably became the way back to the home page. While sunporno driving home, we looked at each other and they both laughed. I felt guilty, but still wanted it all again. We agreed that none of us wanted to talk about it, but I have the feeling that this is not the only opportunity they would be cursed. Sally was out of his house, which was about a mile away from mine. I saw her go sunporno to her door and unlock and open just before they opened the door lifted her skirt to give a last look at her pussy closed. has Liz went home and helped me run the table in the house and put it in the dining room. Then I said I wanted to take a shower because it was such a hot day. I got into the shower and while under the hot water sunporno suddenly the door opened, and stood naked Liz intervenedbehind me and I her breasts and nipples on my back and feel your hair pussy against my ass. She reached over and rubbed the soap on my stomach and then moved to reduced access to stroke my cock. Gradually I began to harden. What he said next surprised me, she had pulled Sally asked me if I did not know what to say, but she explained that everything had been arranged between the two. There was no call from the salon, Sally had her cell phone so we pre-hung house number ring as soon as Liz had said. He said that Sally had said many times that I want to fuck, so they can, they have chosen their path. I asked if being at one time, but was told to shut up. She jerks his cock, I was surprised it was hard as stone itself. The two came out of the shower, Liz leaned his hands on the side of the tub, spread her legs and told him I was there at the same time, the devil and that she loved me, you all say S,Ally, and he had made in the course of the afternoon in the details. I told her everything, as we fucked, which led sunporno the two of us with the most explosive orgasms we had. I have the feeling that this is not the end of the story....
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